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SlyDoggie Productions is a full service independent music production company that provides in-house management, development, and a variety of music services. Our overall goal is to help prepare artists that want to make the transition from performing as a hobby to performing professionally, and eventually go from local to national recording artists. We help coordinate the business side of being an independent artist so that our clients are free to focus on the creative side.

In today’s market, labels are looking for “the complete package.” We work with artists of all musical styles at every level of their career helping them grow to their fullest potential. The team of professionals at SlyDoggie Productions can help with producing a radio ready recording, music video production, professional photo shoots and more. We also develop the artist as a whole including: social media presence, gaining the attention of a record labels, image consultation, booking and prepping for shows, and most any other industry-related direction.

As a performer, you only get a few chances to make a good impression in the Industry. If the quality of work and image being displayed on your social media and at shows does not compete with national acts there is no incentive for a label to pursue you. A good development team will help shape YOUR brand and properly showcase your work to potential fans and music industry professionals. WE help our artists get the sound and image that can compete in the major market.


CEO SlyDoggie Productions

One conversation with Sly Doggie Productions’ Christian “Davis” Stalnecker and you are instantly taken on a journey – subtle at times, boastful at others, funny, truthful, authentic, and always full of color and realism. As a songwriter and producer, Christian’s unique skill sets are nothing less than an extension of his daily conversation. Lyrically, he paints metaphoric pictures that translate the emotional tug of wars experienced in life and love. The music itself is the canvas that these pictures are painted on.

As an artist Christian began his career as a baby touring the country with his family as Christian revival singers. His talent for singing continued to grow through out his youth which lead to him signing a Pop record deal with Babylon Records in the 90’s. While signed Christian toured and performed with Destiny’s Child, Christina Aguilera, and Backstreet Boys to name a few. After moving to Los Angeles to work on new material, Christian’s writing and producing began to evolve into his strength. Artists and record labels began to request his product. This demand lead him to open his production company “Sly Doggie Productions.”

Once Christian’s primary focus was writing and producing the sky was the limit. Signing as a writer to Grammy award winning producer Rodney “Dark Child” Jerkins and Sony Publishing in 2008. Earning himself a Grammy nomination in 2012 for R&B Album of the Year for El Debarge’s “Second Time Around.” Christian has had collaborations with multiple artists and producers all over the world through his production company and independently. Currently he is enjoying being bicoastal and developing multiple new projects.



Christian has the vision to see the BIG picture. The ability to look at an artist, and see the complete package. 


With over 20yrs  in the industry, He knows the steps, and has the relationships for any project.


The music industry is based on a different rythm. Christian understands it's not about a timeline, but timing. Trust the process.


Your idea of the product could be limiting you. Christian feels the product isn't the song, it's the artist.



Nashville, Tn


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